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Academic Training | Dottorato in Medicina e Terapia Sperimentale - PhD Programme in Experimental Medicine and Therapy | University of Turin

Academic training

The main purpose of this programme is to provide cultural, technological and operative upgrading to students graduated in biomedical disciplines for their development as researchers in the fields of Molecular Pathology, Experimental and Clinical Oncology, Pathophysiology of the Cardiovascular System, Metabolic Pathophysiology, Pathophysiology of the Odontostomatological System, Experimental Pharmacology and Therapy.

Pursuing a PhD Degree | University of Turin

Pursuing a PhD Degree

➡️ Submitting your application
➡️ Attendance
➡️ Dissertation and award of PhD

Contacts | PhD Programme in Experimental Medicine and Therapy


➡️ Coordinator: Pasquale Pagliaro
➡️ Contacts:


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