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PhD's Quality Assurance

ANVUR has proposed a new Model for the periodic accreditation of premises, Departments, University Courses and PhD programmes (AVA 3). This is in response to a need that emerged at European level and was supported by ENQA 'European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education' and EQAR 'European Quality Assurance Register'.

The model which is specifically for PhD courses, is:

  • D.PHD.1 - PhD Course Design
  • D.PHD.2 - Planning and organising training and research for the advancement of PhD students
  • D.PHD.3 - Monitoring and improvement

The PhD pathway is on the third level of education and the Dublin Descriptors outline its objectives:

Students who have systematically demonstrated understanding of a field of study and mastery of the related research method.

Ability to apply their knowledge and understanding that demonstrates a professional approach to their work, and possession of appropriate skills both to devise and support arguments and solve problems in their field of study.

Ability to collect and interpret data (usually in one's own field of study) considered useful for making independent judgement, including reflection on related social, scientific or ethical issues

Being able to communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions to specialists and non-specialists.

Having developed those learning skills that are necessary to undertake further studies with a high level of independence.

Monitoring and Review Committee (CMR)

In order to meet AVA3 requirements, the PhD course in Experimental Medicine and Therapy, has set up a Monitoring and Review Committee (CMR) as follows:

The aim of the working group is that each PhD student is well integrated into a research group and complies with mandatory University PhD rules regarding Publications plus European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) equivalent or Credits.

Monitoring and Review Committee (CMR) tasks:

  • Decide on program strategies
  • Evaluate the quality of the proposed initiatives and optimizes their approaches
  • Update and check the PhD web page
  • Monitor training and research relevance by regularly discussing with stakeholders
  • Monitor PhD student courses and research
  • Continuously collect and analyse PhD student opinion questionnaires to suggest improvements.

Last update: 16/04/2024 14:30
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