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Scientific production

Every PhD student will have a Student Portfolio to register her/his attendance to lab seminars, intra- and inter-PhD seminars and courses as well as all educational activities.

At the end of each trimester, every PhD student will have to present to the Supervisor(s) a report of her/his activities and Student Portfolio.

Mid-term Evaluation: At the end of April of each year, every PhD student must report a summary of the Portfolio to the Coordinator about her/his activities approved by the Supervisor(s), who should confirm the regular involvement of the student into the planned scientific activity. Moreover, the PhD student should send the Abstract of research activity that will be presented during the annual Progress Report.

Final Evaluation: At the end of each Academic Year (usually in September), an open access Progress Report will be organized, during which the PhD students will present a written report (in English) about their activity, describing the achieved results and the expected ones.

Iris AperTo

The research output of the University of Turin is managed, displayed and made searchable through the Iris AperTO application.

Iris AperTO is the Open Access Archive that collects and gives access to bibliographic information and, in accordance with the copyright policies of publishers, to the full texts of scientific products.

The scientific production is also available on Scopus and Web of Science.

Last update: 24/05/2023 14:24
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