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Commemorative Doctorate Day in Honor of Professor Gianni LOSANO


Academic year 2021/2022

Teaching staff
Prof. Pasquale Pagliaro (Coordinatore)
Prof. Silvestro Roatta (Moderatore)
Prof.ssa Claudia Penna (Moderatore)
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BIO/09 - fisiologia
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Commemorative Doctorate Day in Honor of Professor Gianni LOSANO

12 March 2021


The Doctorate in Experimental Medicine and Therapy organizes a Commemorative day dedicated to the memory of Professor Gianni Losano who passed away last year in March.

The event will be a moment to recall the figure of Prof Losano, who was Professor Emeritus of Physiology and former Coordinator of the Doctoral Course in Cardiovascular Physiology, and to discuss cardiovascular pathophysiology. Three former alumni from our PhD program will participate as invited speakers.

The first invited speaker is Prof Francesco Moccia, BSc, PhD, associate professor of Physiology at the University of Pavia. Prof Moccia is currently Vice President of the Cardiovascular Research Society (SIRC), a scientific society co-founded by Prof Losano and Prof Claudio Marcello Caldarera of the University of Bologna. Prof Moccia is an expert in endothelial physiology, one of Prof Losano's passions.

The second invited speaker is Dr Amedeo Chiribiri, MD, PhD, who was the last PhD student of Prof Losano with whom he discussed a thesis on coronary circulation and who currently works at St Thomas' Hospital in London, where he continues his clinical and research activities in the field of pathophysiology of coronary microcirculation. Dr Chiribiri is an expert in magnetic resonance imaging, an extremely versatile and useful tool for the evaluation of microcirculation in vivo.

The third invited speaker is Prof Federico Schena, MD, PhD, full professor at the University of Verona, a university that was part of the doctoral consortium coordinated by Prof Losano. Prof Schena studies sport physiology, another passion of Prof Losano, and is currently one of the leading members of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Research (INRC), an institute of which Prof Losano was co-founder together with Prof Caldarera and other colleagues from 11 Italian universities.

As Prof Losano loved the young researchers, for the event two presentations by PhD Students were selected.

The PhD students of our and other PhD courses of the University of Turin are invited to the even

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