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Soft skill enhancement through participation in the public engagement activity "VICINI": guided tour for general public


Academic year 2022/2023

Dott.ssa Stefania Pizzimenti (Titolare del corso)
Teaching period
Public Engagement
Course disciplinary sector (SSD)
MED/04 - experimental medicine and pathophysiology

Sommario del corso


Course objectives

The activity aims to promote Ph.D. students' soft skills through participation in the public engagement activity "VICINI". Particular attention will be paid to the following soft skills (1) communication to a general public, and (2) team working.


Course delivery

The short training will be in early November 2022, and the guided tours will be on 19th and/or 20th of November. 



The public engagement activity "VICINI" ( aims to enhance the "City of Science", four prestigious university buildings which were built at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century in Turin along Corso Massimo d'Azeglio, in front of the Parco del Valentino, where the Royal Botanical Garden was already located. On 19th and 20th November 2022, the doors of the City of Science will be open to the citizen. This event will take place in collaboration with the "Biennale Tecnologia" organized by the Polytechnic of Turin.

PhD students will be involved in the guided tours for the general public to discover the Institute of General Pathology (Corso Raffaello 30) and its founder, Giulio Bizzozero (1846- 1901), the Italian scientist who discovered platelets. During the tour, his life, his scientific discoveries, the histological didactic tables illustrated by hand by him and his students, and some laboratory instruments in use at that time (microscopes, centrifuges) will be illustrated. For the Ph.D. students, this activity includes:

(i) short training on the life and discoveries of G. Bizzozero by Prof. Pizzimenti ;

(ii) leading the guided tours during the VICINI event (19/20 Nov 2022) in coordination with other Researchers and Professor working at the General Pathology Institute

Suggested readings and bibliography

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